For Models

Adult Webcam Magazine is a fun new opportunity to appear in the magazine for the Adult Webcam Conference.

It is also a great optional exposure opportunity for those seeking to build their profile and name recognition within the Adult Webcam Industry.

This service is not the typical ‘modeling opportunity’ in that we do not seek to own your images except for limited licensing for the sole purpose of this limited print magazine. You merely provide images you already own and give us a 1 time license to use the images you provide in a very limited capacity.

Specifically, you grant us the right to sell no more than 5,000 copies of the magazine of which 2,000 of these are given away free. In turn we give you the exposure within the magazine. This also gives you another tool to build fan loyalty when you meet your fans in person at the Adult Webcam Conference FAN DAY.

Contact us for more details.

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